Nov 12, 2008

Doll Inventory (Part 3)

OK. I was just rationalizing why I needed the other dolls which will play antagonist to the first six dolls. The truth is, I just find them cute. Whenever I see a unique enough doll, I have this desire to buy it. I then concoct their profiles in my mind and how they are related to the other dolls.

I have way too many dolls already but I doubt if I stop buying just yet.

(Listed in the order of appearance)

Character Notes
First Appearance
Closeted Gay
Blas' former fling turned friend
Millicent's employee

Henry's sister

OSS # 80 - Filipino Halloween
AJ's niece
Puypuy's classmate

OSS # 81 - Costume
Extra # 3
Will take on different roles
OSS # 86 - Proposition
Don Robert
Millicent and Zsazsa's father

OSS # 90 - Courtship
Mikhail's mother

OSS # 90 - Courtship


[G] said...

the more, the merrier, just bring them on :-)

i like euge ha, parang "huge" talaga sya hahahah. too bad, he is straight and taken.

Dabo said...

Off topic:

On the use of the child as an image...

"The mature personality of the Child archetype nurtures that part of us that yearns to be lighthearted and innocent, expecting the wonders of tomorrow, regardless of age."

Nakopya ko lang yan dito: http://www.myss.com/library/contracts/four_archs.asp"

--- i'll get back on you after a year. I open the website nga pala hehehe.. interesting.. binbasa ko na sya..

Anonymous said...

bakit ganun?ang nakikita kong huge kay euge ay ang ilong niya?

pero gusto ko yung yari ni euge, hindi common ang itsura niya

Anonymous said...

yay! cute dolls. nice set of characters. :)

anyway, about the thing you've asked if we're related. yes, we're related. she's my cousin and she accompanied my mum when they went to vigan with my brother.

Niel said...

G and Kat, Euge is short for Eugene...

Dabo, ako din may child image na ginagamit :)

layla, ahhh ganun ba? nice! Thanks pala.

A.Dimaano said...

OffTopic: Hahaha, gumagamit ka rin ng child image? Ako rin. Hehehe =)

OnTopic: Si Henry bagay ang image na closeted gay. Nasa aura nya. Hehehe.

Euge's hair is sooo gay. Are you sure he's not? :D

Niel said...

Mr Scheez, may nagsabi nga sa akin na boytoy material si Euge ng matandang bading...basta sa ngayon wala ako balak na ganun :)

Looking For The Source said...


i don't believe euge's straight...

ewan ko...

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