Oct 29, 2008

OSS # 80: Filipino Halloween

This was a mere observation. Although essential traditions are still being honored, the influence has become a staple.

Plus, I wanted to dress up my dolls in cute costumes.


Can't view? Click here.


Layla said...

ahaha! So true! :) cute dolls. :)

kat said...

ahaha there's a headless ghost! aj and mikhail look like they're havin' fun.

more and more pinoys are really following the western traditions. i myself am going to be some sort of egyptian princess this friday.

Anonymous said...

that is pretty cool... haha

Niel Camhalla said...

Hi layla and starfish. Thanks for visiting.

Kat, wow! I bet you look good in an Egyptian costume. I wore one once for a class report. Wearing costumes is fun.

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