Nov 17, 2008

OSS # 90: Courtship

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When I saw the Mary-Kate (or is it Ashley) Olsen doll in the thrift store, I instantly thought this could play an old lady. It could be the laugh lines that give it a mature look. Barbie's don't have facial creases no matter how big their smiles are.

I dyed her hair using a permanent marker and drew facial lines using a brown pen. The problem with ink is that it smears. With just a few handling she turned into a soiled vagrant (taong grasa), not the character I had in mind.

I decided to paint over the face except the lips and the eyes using acrylic toy paint. The rough finish of the face added character in my opinion. I reshaped her eyebrows to give her a warmer motherly look. I decided not to reshape her body. Let's say, she works out regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

She kinda reminds me of my own nanay (mother) with her warm smile, the shape of her nose, the fading dye on her hair. I decided to pattern Inez after nanay. They were both left by their husbands but they maintained that positive outlook in life. Even her name is derived from my nanay's. I used to name-call my nanay "Ines" if I'm naiinis (upset) at her. You can tell Inez is now one of my favorite dolls.


Mr. Scheez said...

One thing you shouldn't do/say ... don't make a woman/gay man feel she/he is unpretty. Hehehe =)

Kelan kaya gagawa si Kuya Niel ng stop-motion na movie starring his dolls? =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Naku mahirap yan. Pero may ganyan na sa YouTube. Galing nga e.


tagabukid said...

inez is indeed a fitting tribute to your nanay.

Niel Camhalla said...

I initially had Lolita as the mother figure but I think I could use another since I have high respect for mothers.

Although I may have attached a character to Inez reminiscent of my mother, I plan to make Inez do and say things my mother couldn't even imagine. :)

yoshke said...

grabe bilib ako! kina-career mo talaga! astig!

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks yoshke. I noticed that those who collect dolls eventually learn other skills related to dolls like creating doll clothes, rerooting and styling the hair or re-painting the body and face. It's fun!

Looking For The Source said...

galing galing!

katcarneo said...

I think that's very sweet of you naman, you have a tribute to your mom.

And hindi ko alam, pero natatawa ako na Mary Kate/Ashley doll ay pwedeng maging old woman wahehehe..

And ooooh, new vocabulary, aba salamat!

dencios said...

ang husay naman nito.
passion mo talaga no?
add kita sa B.roll ko ha,

Niel Camhalla said...

looking for the source, *bow* *bow*

kat, minsan sweet. minsan din sour. pero di nya alam 'tong mga manika ko eh. secret ito. :)

salamat dencio. ni add na din kita sa mga gumugulong na blog.

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