Nov 12, 2008

Doll Inventory (Part 1)

While creating this entry, I realized that nearly all the characters are flat - the straight couple, the gay couple, the lesbian, the good girl, etc. I mainly use exaggerations and stereotypes as comic techniques. One dimensional characters are quite predictable to the point of being funny. Plus how do you develop a character with just four frames? First time readers should be able to see the humor right away, right?

The bad thing is that they say using prefab character may lead to insulting a portion of a population or bigotry. I just hope I'm not doing that. *fingers crossed*

(Listed in the order of appearance)

Character Notes
First Appearance
fashion doll comic stripCynthia
Lost her virginity to her husband
on their wedding day

OSS #1 - Happiest Day
action figure comic stripMikhail
Cynthia's ex-boyfriend
Likes to play with toys and blogging

OSS #1 - Happiest Day
customized dollAJ
Mikhail's boyfriend
Sarcastic and bitchy

OSS # 2 - Sex and Alimony
Ken doll webcomicKenny
Cynthia's husband
Likes porn

OSS # 2 - Sex and Alimony
fashion dollLolita
Single Mom
Cynthia's friend
Works as a model

OSS #23 - Lolita
kelly doll webcomicPuypuy
Daughter of Lolita
Quick witted
Has a wild imagination
OSS #31 - Puypuy



watson said...

This is a nice concept!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'll bookmark you.

hisnameisdencios said...

This is a sure win post.
cool inventory/ies!
Lolita doll is too hawt!


acey said...

fun blog, man! i am digging your dolls. hahaha. :)

thanks for dropping by my spot. :D really appreciate it.

The Wandering Dreamer said...

Haha. Swerte ako, I was already here when your blog had its debut.

K said...

This is fun. I like the way you use dolls to create a story.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Niel Camhalla said...

Watson, Dencio, Acey and K, thanks for the visit as well. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

Joms!!! Nalito ako sa "wandering". Akala ko si Ewik...

Looking For The Source said...

this is fun!

cute cla mikhail and aj! hahah

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