Oct 28, 2008

Attitude (part 2)

(Read the first part of the story here.)

Kenny never treated me for lunch after that. He stopped joining us in the clubs. He couldn't even join us during the team building activities. He was so busy planning for the wedding. He took a lot of fun out of his life. He seemed happy though. I heard they were wed this June. How cliché! A June bride. And wasn't that too quick? I bet he got the girl pregnant.

I wasn't invited in the wedding. Maybe he tried to invite me but I changed my address and phone numbers. I also resigned from the call center. I wouldn't pass up the chance to be part of the fashion industry now, would I?

"Whew! Not now Menchu. Your mascara is gonna smudge. Think happy thoughts. Look what you have right now. You have a great boss. You have a great set of co-workers. And to top it all off, you look great! Aren't you glad you got away from that call center?" I convinced myself.

"You got friends going to watch you outside, miss?" The assistant interrupted my thoughts.

"I failed to invite them. I guess my former officemates are busy dressed up in costumes while taking calls this Halloween night. Or maybe they are at the Halloween party down the street. " I remembered enjoying dressing up like a slutty witch last year. I would rather be dressed as a princess.

I was really lucky Miss Millicent let me be part of her fashion show. It was not one of those grand fashion shows. It was just an intimate launch party for her new fashion boutique, Blessing. "Because beauty is a Blessing." Our tagline. And I'm a blessing to mankind.

I practiced my smile in front of the mirror. It shouldn't be toothy. On second thought, I shouldn't be smiling at all. I should give them the attitude. It's all about the attitude. I tried to project my full lips to a sensual pout as I slightly squinted my eyes. It was my I-know-you-want-me look.

It reminded me of how I teased another co-worker. "Oh Henry," I whispered as I giggled.

Miss Millicent and Henry were having a meeting one time. I decided to bring them coffee. As Henry was sipping his coffee, I served him a pretzel. I intentionally brushed my breast against his elbows. The old man was shocked and spilled his coffee on his lap.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he apologized.

I told him how sorry I was as I tried to wipe off the coffee from his pants. He ran out towards the men's room even before my third stroke. Such a shy guy! He would be an interesting conquest. He was busy outside assisting Miss Millicent with the guests. I planned to bait him again after the fashion show.

"I am a very stylish girl…"

I heard the remix of Dmitri From Paris backstage. That was my cue. "How do I look?" I asked the assistant.

"Very good," She said.

I ran towards the door to where the guests were. I fell in line with the remaining models. There wasn't any elevated runway. We were just gonna walk into a room of people to demonstrate the clothes. We can let the guest examine and touch the dresses.

"This is it!" I told myself. I felt like a star. A spot light shone on me as the music by Dmitri played on the background. I walked past the guest giving them the attitude. All the faces were such a blur but they have one expression on their faces. Amazement. I was nearing the end of the catwalk when I saw a familiar face.

"What the hell is Kenny doing here?" My sensual pout turned into an awkward smile.

No worries. I could make this quick. I tried to walk a little faster to get this over and done with. Walking on high heels was never this hard. My exposed shoulders felt cold. I saw him reach out to touch me. Maybe he was trying to point to my dress. I wasn't sure.

"Honey, would you like something like this?" I heard him ask his wife.

This stupid gown started to feel a little too tight. I worried about my make-up as little beads of sweat started on my forehead. I tried to make a graceful turn to avoid contact. Fuck! I miscalculated. I tripped on the train and landed on the floor. I was face down with one arm stretched over my head, a stance like a superhero about to fly.

"She's like Supergirl!" I heard one say.

Everyone started laughing. My eyes were close to tears. I had never been so humiliated in all my life. I was not gonna give them the pleasure of seeing me cry, especially not him! I gathered myself up and ran back to the dressing room to the back door. I was in the back streets running when the first tear fell. I ran not knowing which way to go. I ran avoiding the crowded streets away from it all.

With tears blurring my eyes, I collided with a man dressed in what looked like a space cadet. We both hit the ground. The next thing I knew, Henry was helping me up. The space cadet continued to run away. Two guys, one in a loincloth another in a leaf skirt, ran after him.

My eyes followed the strange sight. Henry and I couldn't help laughing. I never laughed so hard in my entire life.

-the end-


Mr. Scheez said...

I sooo admire your talent in this kind of storytelling. Kakaiba. Galeng! Bravo!

Assorted Nuts said...

Wow, I love your style and wit. Plus the way you utilize your medium. Very unique. I love your images on Beauty and Friends.

Hey, thanks for visiting my site! Yeah, I know it's been ages.

Niel Camhalla said...


kat said...

awwww.....poor menchu. but at least she was happy in the end.

funny how these characters keep running into each other.....soon there's gonna be a whole town, you know you can't control yourself, there's gonna be a whole town bwahahaha!

this is a very enjoyable read.

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