Nov 7, 2008

OSS # 85: Convincing

Last week, I was watching a news magazine show on TV. They featured gift ideas for the coming Christmas. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the feature was actually an advertisement in disguise. The desire to sell came with a pretense to help in the gift giving decision.

This got me to think how people bend, twist and camouflage the facts in order to sell. Commodities aren't the only ones being sold. People also sell personalities and ideas. We sell our ideas to others. We usually feel good if they agree.

Someone is always trying to sell. Some people make an appeal to our different senses. Some exaggerate. Others present in a seemingly logical fashion but leads to a wrong conclusion. These techniques, they work. People buy goods and ideas because of them. People achieve power because of them.

Of course it is funny when these techniques don't work. When you hear somebody invoke a fallacy you may find yourself laughing, like in a joke. But when you find out that the person was serious, you end up with a sad story.

Have you been convinced lately?


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Mr said...

Oh honey, I don't buy anything that you're saying. Hihihihi =)

- Mr. Scheez

Niel Camhalla said...

Sige na bilhin mo na. Mura lang. Bleh!

tagabukid said...

but come to think of it, aren't we all salesmen in one way or another in this marketplace called earth? stragem, whichever way you take the word, is all.

katcarnep said...

Oh, the last question is like a knife to my heart. Yep, I've been convinced not just lately, but many many times before. And the techniques used are just plain LAME. Oh shoot, I just realized how gullible I've been!

Mugen said...

We sell our blogs. Don't you notice?

Pearl said...

It's always annoying you know, like they would advertise that for every t-shirt or lipstick they sell, one-five pesos of the proceeds would go to a certain charity..Helloooo!! One peso? As IN!

Niel Camhalla said...

tagabukid, of course we are. consumers too!

kat, you may not be that gullible. they might just be that good.

mugen, i especially had blogs in mind (since to me it is a major source of ideas, good and bad) but i decided to use general terms.

pearl, we can't really be sure what they do as oppose to what they say they'll do. as long as you got the lipstick you want, it could have been a good deal.

gingmaganda said...

hahaha. copywriter ako! i work in friggin public relations!

Niel Camhalla said...

Hala! Magaling ka siguro sa pangungumbinsi...

Wandering Wonder Bra said...

samples are those found in lifestyle and health sections of magazines and newspaper

kunyari may article about bones or diabetes, somewhere on the page are ads for osteo or no-sugar sweetener

Niel Camhalla said...

exactly Dabo!

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