Apr 1, 2008


dolls comic strip


Meet the gang of One Sixth Sense.There's AJ and Mikhail, a gay couple. They often engage in a friendly banter with Cynthia and Kenny, a straight couple. Lolita joined the gang on the 23rd issue as Cynthia's friend. Lolita's daughter Puypuy is introduced in issue number 31. Now there are over a dozen of characters!

They are dolls and action figures in one-sixth scale. They don’t pretend to be human although they think and act similar to real people. They understand that they are owned by humans. The stories are purely fictional.

Watch them talk about relationships and life in general. They share their doll views on a diverse range of issues. You can share your own views by placing a comment. The gang would like to hear from you.

Although each strip can stand on its own, they are best read chronologically one after the other.


Pardon the grammatical and typographical errors. I have no intentions of correcting them. :)

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Anonymous said...

oh neil, I'm in love with your site. I'll be reading everything, starting from here.

Niel said...

Salamat. I'm flaterred. *blushing*

Anonymous said...

Hi Niel. I'm a new hobbyist, but a lifelong lover of the one-sixth scale. Do you host any gatherings in Manila? Would love to get together! I'm the only one I know in Makati so far... Check out my Flickr...I'm dolldays. :-)

Niel said...

@Anonymous, welcome to the 1/6th hobby :)

I'm not very active in the Philippine 1/6th action figure scene. If you're into that, maybe people from Onesixthpinoy forum could be more help. This is the link to their boards: http://www.onesixthpinoy.proboards.com/index.cgi

I am more into 1/6th fashion dolls. :) I personally don't host gathering but I did recently join a group of doll collectors (of varying scale) and we regularly have doll meets. The group's founder is from Makati, too.

I'll try to check you out in Flickr. :)

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