Jan 13, 2010

OSS # 182: Democrazy

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the geek said...

is voluntary moving out a kind of democracy?

D7ana said...

Coming and going.

Curious about who goes and who stays ... then again, they might decide to stay together ;-D

Niel Camhalla said...

@the geek, I think so. :)

@Dana, I'm still undecided how this story will play out. I'm more interested in the process of voting out. :)

engel said...

love the doll with the glasses. and is that storm with the mohawk? =D

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks. That's supposed to be Tita Cory with the glasses and yes, that used to be a Storm doll. I now call her Lolita. :)

Pedro Penduko said...

i looove Lolita.

i was unable to blog in my Peter is Happy for a long time since i forgot my password (lol. stupid.) am glad i found it in an oooold email.

and since i got into my peter-blog again... am glad I found your site too!

Happy New Year! (a bit delayed though)

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