Oct 9, 2009

OSS # 174: Power Tripping

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Ok fine. I'm not gonna rant about the power outages due to the tripping of three Meralco substations even if I find it hard to look for the schedule for these outages in that damn Meralco website.

I'm not gonna spread conspiracy theories about GMA's plan to manipulate the election result next year with the help of this power outages.

And I'm not gonna be ironic.

Because of the brownout last night, we decided to go to the nearest mall, for dinner and then maybe coffee. We're just supposed to read, me with my gay book and him with his poetry books, but we got curious about this new version of an old movie. We have already heard the song Fame over the radio and we agree that Irene Cara has a better version. Instead of the book reading plan we decided to see the new Fame, despite that.

It is just me or is the High School Musical syndrome infecting a lot of teen movies lately? The thing with remake is that it gets compared to the original. One can't ignore that this is a Disneyfied version with its squeaky clean characters. I didn't get to see the whole of the original version but with the excerpts I've seen, the older characters had each their internal conflicts and character developments. The new cast looked like they lived in the land of Miley Cyrus except maybe for Malik (as long as he doesn't rap), Alice (as long as she just dance) and Denise.

As for the storyline, there were too many but none I can be satisfied with. If you like MTV, you'll love this movie with its hot dance numbers, funky costumes and a little memorable song. But don't expect more.


Anonymous said...

watch for more power tripping come may 2010 election.


Niel Camhalla said...

OO nga.

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