May 27, 2009

9.1 Uniqueness

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When I saw you buying Cosmo and a hot rod magazine,
I said to myself 'Now there's a girl for me.'
And when I asked you to go for a ride,
you stole my heart when you said, "If I can drive."
I said, "How 'bout some music?"
you said, "You got any Merle?"
That's when I knew you were my kind of girl.
- My Kind Of Girl by Collin Raye

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the geek said...

again and again, you love because you just love.

Mr. Scheez said...

Category called "My Type", nice one Kuya Niel. Galeng!

Bigla ako napaisip, lahat ba ng things under the "my type" category is yung aware lang tayo? Meron bang nasa category ng "my type" na hindi natin alam na gusto rin natin - unsconscious level kumbaga. I dunno if my question made sense.

Waterbased said...

She is unique and falls to a different category of sophistication.. :)

Wanna see more Niel.. :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Everybody has his own way of answering the question. Tomorrow I'll post a possible answer. I'm not saying it will be correct, though. ^_^

Anonymous said...

The man I've been with the past three and a half years is definitely out of the category called "My Type" but hey, it works, we're happy.

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