May 26, 2009

8.2 Asceticism

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So take a look at me now, oh there's just an empty space
- Against All Odds by Phil Collins

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the geek said...

who is "he"? hehehehe

D7ana said...

I like the way you step back to show the group watching the wailing woman. It's like the camera moves from a close up of the two friends talking to include the immediate audience watching. It makes me think of you can attract more than you want when you leave honey out LOL

Supercool dollhouse said...

Why do I know people just like this?

Niel Camhalla said...

@the geek, he can be anyone you want him to be. ^_^

@D7ana, we can't control who will watch our performance if we're making it public. We better scout the area before we do anything, yes? Hehe.

@Supercool dollhouse, I know a number of people who are like this (including me?) and I dare not explain why they (we?) are that way.

D7ana said...

Niel, yes. Better to check the area out BEFORE making public performances LOL. Then again, if you make a performance, isn't a bigger audience nicer? More people to appreciate the show ;-D

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