Apr 7, 2009

Ula - The Catholic Doll

According to some society Barbie promotes objectionable values. Because of this, in Saudi Arabia, Barbie is banned. A doll was created as an alternative to Barbie. She is called Fulla. Fulla reflects the Muslim values.

In the Philippines, an attempt was made to create a doll that would reflect our tradition and values. Some dolls would even have scapulars and rosaries. But these dolls seemed more like ornaments than toys. I couldn't imagine myself playing dress-up with them.

One-sixth sense unites with everyone observing this Lenten season with an attempt at a Catholic doll.

Pocahontas coverted to Christianity and so did my Pocahontas doll. I now call her Ula. Her face was reworked and her head swapped with a an articulated African-American Barbie.

Here she is waving a palaspas. Palaspas is the Filipino term for the (simple or intricately woven) palm leaves used during Palm Sunday. Some believe that once blessed, these leaves can ward off evil spirits. Dried palaspas are also used in alternative medicine.

She is armed with her own scapular of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a prayer booklet of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a Holy Rosary, and the Holy Bible.

This is a Bible fit for barbie-sized dolls.

Click here for a size comparison with an actual Bible opened in a similar page.


Anonymous said...

Ula? As in Ula Judy Ann Santos circa 90's? Hehehe. =)

Half-filipina half-chinese ang dating ni Ula. Mas prominent ang chinese feature (eyes).

-- Mr. Scheez

Herbs D. said...

who could've thought Poca would portray the filipina doll by 2009?


pie said...

aliw ang second pic kuya niel!

:: cb :: said...

i love this! is she gonna be a regular or just this holy week? i can just imagine the heated debates with puypuy!

Dollhead said...

beautiful! thank you for sharing and creating her.

katcarneo said...

These are wonderful shots, Niel. That small Bible is a key chain, isn't it? Wherever did you find such a tiny rosary?

Niel Camhalla said...

@Mr Scheez, yes inspired by Judy Ann, too. :)

@Herbs D, dolls' personality is derived from their owners. I know a black Supergirl. :)

@pie, thanks. i had fun taking them. :)

@cb, nope sorta holy week special sya :)

@Dollhead, you're welcome. :)

@katcarneo, yup that was a keychain. I made the rosary myself. It's not accurate. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

sister ula L?

korni... ako na lang tatawa para sa inyo..


Mugen said...

Ang galing! Sobrang impressed ako sa bago mong doll Neil.

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