Apr 30, 2009

OSS # 169: Acceptance

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This is how I decided to end Puypuy exorcism story--with violence. I was thinking of going further by ending the fight with some agreement between the warring parties, like a social contract. But then again, things don't always have to end in a synthesis.

By Monday, the regular One-Sixth Sense comic strip will take some rest. A new one called "Let Me Count The Ways" (tentative title) will be featured--a spin-off of sorts. The dolls will still be used, of course.

This is another scheduled post.

I didn't go to work today. I had a feeling they might make some of us report for work on May 1. I decided to call in sick so I'll have an excuse not to go to work on Friday. I seem bad that way. I have something planned for Friday and the weekend, that's why. ^_^

Have a good weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Honestly kuya Niel, parang na-derailed nga ang flow ng concept ng strip na ito somewhere in the Wiccan Bitch and Derridean posts. So I'm glad na natapos na ito. LOL! =)

And looking forward sa panibagong strips starting Monday! Yipee! =)

P.S. Gawain ko rin ang mag-SL (Scheduled Leave). LOL! =)

-- Mr. Scheez

:: cb :: said...

looking forward to ur new comic strip! :D

btw, i read somewhere that someone got fired for posting about plans to skip work sa blog nila.. i hope u don't get into trouble for this. hehe :D

Herbs D. said...

hahaha natawa ako dun shet. i first thought it was going to be okay. even though I find Pupuy quite homophopic..

hmm. you're quite interesting....for you to make this many characters, it just shows how much intricate your personality is.

and maybe. just maybe, you're a lesbian trapped in a man's body haha.

Victor Gregor said...

kung homophobic si puypuy, baka may tendencies din siya. LOL. she was, after all, raised by a lesbo, who has more than one gay friend. the environment is perfect. :D

tagabukid said...

royal rumble? this is new to me hehe...

just keep them coming niel...more!!!

the geek said...

who will emerge victorious?

have a "labor-less" weekend...hehehe

Niel Camhalla said...

Mr Scheez, ndi sya na-derail. baka iba lang ang direction na gusto ko puntahan compared to your expectation.

:: cb ::, don't worry. I use protection :)

Herb D, me a lesbian? pareho lang siguro tayo malawak imagination.

Victor Gregor, I was raised by a straight couple, in a straight society even, w/o major gay influences. See how I turned out to be.

Tagabukid, ndi ka nanonood ng wrestling ano? :)

the geek, you decide :)

Anonymous said...

Four adults vs one little girl, this should be interesting...

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