Apr 13, 2009

OSS # 160: Forgiven

Can't view? Click here.

I see Puypuy is discovering what the net has to offer. So am I. Comic strip making time is being sacrificed for other online activities in my case. Hehehe.


Theo Martin said...

no problem. you haven't lost your witty touch naman! hehe! always a fun comic strip to read. if only it can be published for all the world to see. ;)

the geek said...

my, my...can't wait for the scandal..hahaha

glad that you're back...happy easter...

Herbs D. said...

OMG! they're actually naked hahahaha. zomg. and someone's eavesdropping.

Anonymous said...

"if only it can be published for all the world to see"

yes, but in a sense, i think the exclusivity of this site exudes more class...i specifically don't want it to be too mainstream.

glad you're back.

Mr. Scheez said...

I agree with Anon, this site's exclusivity is what makes it interesting and classy. Pero syempre depende pa yun sa may-ari ng blog kung gusto nya ipagsigawan sa mundo ang ganda ng blog nya. =)

Can't wait for the scandal video. Hehehe =)

Anonymous said...

inaaway nga ako ng author sa comment pages, pero labs ko pa din sya.hehe

gentle said...

hehehe. napa P*TA*G IN* ako ng malakas sa kamalditahan ng batang ire!

:: cb :: said...

doll porn. haha interesting.. i'm at the edge of my seat!

despite all of puypuy's evilness, i can't help but feel there's an innate goodness in her. sarap niya sigurong ithesis. haha

Niel Camhalla said...

Belated happy Easter everyone!

@Theo Martin, salamat. My comic is just here for the world to see.

@the geek, nyak! don't hold your breath. :)

@Herbs D., I kinda toned down the nudity for this strip. It one strip I had Kenny on top of Cynthia nekkid!

@Anonymous(1st comment), I think the exclusivity I'm enjoying here is that this appeals to certain people only. Like a private joke.

@Mr Scheez, walang video. Hirap kaya gumawa nun. Hehehe.

@Anonymous(2nd comment), away? me??? no way!!! we may disagree, yes, but not away. *sabay bleh!*

@gentle, aayyy... wash your mouth. hehehe.

@:: cb :: thesis? actually. LOL

Thanks for the comments everyone!

In case you're wondering what sites I've been busy with, well they are doll sites. :)

parteeboi said...

Ahahaha. Evil Puypuy at the same time, tech-savvy.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! A One Sixth Sense scandal! Puypuy is gonna rake in the bucks!

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