Mar 17, 2009

OSS # 155: Concealer

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the geek said...

wow...is he going for a venetian ball or something? hehehe

the mask lacked feathers though...hehehe

:: cb :: said...

bwahahahaha!!! bayotang masks!!! i love it!

Niel Camhalla said...

@the geek, yes it was initially intended for a masquerade ball. :)

@:: cb ::, I was curios as to what made the mask "bayot" in your opinion? I can answer the question myself but I'd like to know if other people are thinking the same.

Mr. Scheez said...

Yun din una kong reaction - bayot-esque.

The masks are too gay. The glitters ang all. The concept of wearing such a mask alone, even without glitters, is gay.

Anonymous said...

talagang nakatapat ang pwet sa mukha sa 2nd strip.

Niel Camhalla said...

@Mr Scheez, so Spiderman, Batman and Zorro is gay-ish because they wear masks?

@Anonymous, he knows how to work it. :)

Anonymous said...

batman is known to be gay because of robin. robin needs to be scrapped.

zorro's so gay now. look at richard gutierrez.

watch eyes wide shut, and see for yourselves how masks work.

Niel Camhalla said...

Is it about the mask? From what you said Batman is known to be gay because of Robin. Zorro is gay because of the actor portraying him, not the mask.

I saw how the masks were used as props in the movie but it didn't seem gay to me. Was that gay?

the geek said...

i guess it depends on what kind of masks and what they are intended for...

if we think that all masked people, guys to be precise, are gays, then we may have a limited understanding and view of the word art...

Mr. Scheez said...

No kuya Niel, not all masks. That specific masks lang na hawak ni AJ for me are gay-esque. =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Oo nga @the geek and Mr Scheez.

But there's something about the mask that makes it "gay". We agree on that, right? What is it that makes it gay? We're talking of the mask lang ha.

I raised this topic because I intended the comic strip to come with a short write up about what makes some styles "gay". I decided to hear other people instead. :)

The impression about the mask being "gay" is in its style, right? What's with the style that makes it "gay"?

I'm using "gay" in quotes because an object can'T be gay right? There's another word for it. :)

Mr. Scheez said...

I guess what makes it gay is the design (color, glitters, soft edges and shape). Did you notice that batman's and zorro's masks are a bit edgy/rough and colored black. Somehow edgy/rough and dark colors is associated with masculinity and the opposite is femininity. But BUT not all.

Stereotyping? Yes.

Anonymous said...

nothing's gay with mask styles. i didn't find aj's mask gay as well. the most masculine man could wear what was pictured in the strip, and still be a manly man.

I saw how the masks were used as props in the movie but it didn't seem gay to me. Was that gay? -

no, it was sexy, actually.

the physical mask's really not gay. what's gay are people hiding beneath invisible masks.

for me,that is...really really gay, and weak.

Niel Camhalla said...

"the physical mask's really not gay."

@anonymous, In a way yes, mask couldn't be gay. They are artifacts. But their style could be described as "camp".

@Mr Scheez, yes it was in the design/style. Had I used a ski mask, it wouldn't have the same effect.

Other than mystifying the character, Batman's mask was designed to have a certain identity related to the bat. Zorro's mask was designed to be simpler.

The masks used here are decorated and the excessive decor doesn't serve a purpose in the kidnapping (but serves the purpose of humor).

So I think using a frivolously decorated object that doesn't really serve a purpose other than be overly dramatic, flamboyant, or theatrical or just for the fun of it, leans to the camp style.

katcarneo said...

Nyahahah, so obvious. The glitters (sequins?) will give them away!

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