Feb 26, 2009

OSS # 145: Hanna

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Back To the Past

I decided to introduce Hanna into the picture. Ever since I got her, I figured she's a kid from the future. I'm giving her enough reason to go back to her past, which is our present.

Her main mission is high-lighted. I was wondering what would happen if nobody like Hanna would do their darnedest to stop a project like that. But before we go into the future, let's have a look at the past.

1973 - With a global oil crisis former Pres Ferdinand Marcos announced the decision to build the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Marcos. Nuff said.

1984 - completion. cost: $2.3 billion

Katching! Katching!

1986 - Marcos was ousted. Former Pres Corazon Aquino prevented the BNPP from operating.
Possible reasons: (1) the Chernobyl accident, (2)the strong sentiments of the Filipino citizens against it, (3) the inspection result showing around 4,000 defects of the plant and (4) the dangerous location (near earthquake fault lines) of the plant.

Good? Maybe. Bad? Read on.

1988 - The Philippine government filed 2 cases againts Westinghouse, the builder of the BNPP - criminal case of bribery and civil case to declare the contract null and void due to bribery.

Did I say Marcos? Yes I did. And I'll add "crony" this time.

1995 - The Philippine government agreed to a $100-million settlement package freeing Westinghouse from any liability for the defective plant. The BNPP-related loans were shouldered by the now poorer Filipino.

Bad. Bad. Baaaaaaaadddddd!

But that was just history. A new one will unfold. Congressman Mark Cojuangco [5th District of Pangasinan] has filed House Bill 4631 of the 14th Congress, "Mandating the immediate re-commissioning and commercial operation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant"

So are you ready for more debts and danger?






PUSANG-gala said...

haha--even the dolls are on the move....hmmm...I guess it really is a bad idea to open the plant now after long years of decay~~

Mugen said...

Good thing you opened this up. I remember when I was in elementary, the nuclear plant was often our subject in Sibika.

pie said...

have picture taken with jollibee


Anonymous said...

pasabugin yung planta sa maynila.

o kaya dito sa company building namin


katcarneo said...

Oh my, thank you for this very informative post. I haven't been watching the news lately (okay, for a long time now) so I'll look this up.

Hanna has got a mutated teddy bear? Cool!

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