Feb 6, 2009

OSS # 131: Good Morning

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See those CareBears there? I got them from a guy I met at G4M two Christmas ago. I was the one who gave him a CareBear first. I gave him Heartsong Bear for his birthday. I thought it suits him because he is a music (piano) major. I thought it was silly at first since he gave me an impression that he was on the serious side. I just wanted to lighten things up. In case he didn't like it, I added a music CD of piano renditions of some cheesy love songs. It turned out he didn't like the CD and loved the CareBear!

Heartsong Bear did more than telling him I like him. It helped me warm my way to his niece (Tin) and the rest of his family. The first night I slept over his place, Tin barged into his room. (Good thing we were still decent.) She said she just wanted to get to know another person who likes the CareBears. And she went on talking about her CareBear collection.

Now back to the dolls. Look's like Menchu's work on FaceBook paid off! Well see...

What about the work I put in my latest project? I can't say it paid off just yet. I completed rerooting the hair (which I will never do again) and permed it, too. Next step, a nose job! Yes, I will try to alter the nose of this doll head to make her look a little more like the character I intend. Then comes my favorite part - face painting. Oh! I have to find her a suitable body, too.


This just came in. In case I won't be able to blog next week, I might have been forced into an indefinite blog leave. Arrgh!


Jet'aime said...

Oo naman! A cute chatmate is better than drugs! Aliw ang comic strip and mas kaaliw ang story nyo ni SO. Hehehe =)

PUSANG-gala said...

"forced into an indefinite blog leave"-----that sounded very urgent---what about you dolls and care bears? they will surely miss you---keke

tagabukid said...

indefinite leave? kaya double time queuing sched posts hehe. pini-pressure ba? :D

Mugen said...

Lemme guess, that chatmate of yours is now your SO. Hehehe.

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Victor Gregor said...

an indefinite leave! no!

Looking For The Source said...

iniisip ko kanina ung mga names nung bears na yan kasi naghahanap ako ng pictures nyan.

ayan naalala ko na dahil sa post mo! hehee

Niel Camhalla said...

Jet'aime, a new chatmate is a new hope for singles.

PUSANG-gala, Victor Gregor & tagabukid, Well I'm still here. Hopefully ndi matuloy yung leave.

Joms, yup! :)

Yffar, Hmmm...maybe I will :) Thanks!

LFTS, TenderHeart and Loves-a-Lot sila, I think :)

katcarneo said...

Oooh, I kinda feel like menchu, but with me I'm seeing flowers.

That was a very cute story you shared about the CareBears. I used to love them as a kid.

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