Jan 19, 2009

OSS # 119: False Hope

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Personal Project Updates

I've completed re-rooting the hairline. Yey! I still have to fill the top of the head. This took me hooooooooours to do. I know it will take me longer to complete. Midway, with my back aching, I asked myself why I was doing this when I could just buy a new doll. I convinced myself that it's part of my learning, and not just learning the craft. It teaches patience, creativity plus I don't get too spend much. I'm trying to be in recession mode although I don't really feel the recession yet. It's good to learn how to live the recession way even if you don't have to. LOL.


gentle said...

wow, such sex appeal! :)

Niel Camhalla said...

I had a different reason in naming him Barako but now I think it suits him because of his light coffee color.

PUSANG-gala said...

reading you is like learning english----with lot's of those idiomatic expressions like~~~he's out of your league~~~~lavit~!!!

Mugen said...

It is passion that drives you. The same passion that drove me to bring out my toys and relive the scenes that used to fill my head when I was a little younger.

Just have a little patience with me ha. I know Qiki's overstaying in my care. Hehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

@PUSANG-gala, I'm glad I helped in anyway.

@Joms, take your time. :)

Mr. Scheez said...

I agree with Mugen regarding your passion with dolls.

Naalala ko si Charlotte sa SATC jan sa comic strip mo. Pareho sila ni Menchu re future husband thingy. Hehehe.

katcarneo said...


That must've been a painstaking process, but I'm sure you felt really great after finishing it. Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga nga daw.

Re:False Hopes
Kunsabagay, may point si Menchu...ehe!

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