Jan 16, 2009

OSS # 118: Itching

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Thoughts on Repetition

In poetry, certain words or sounds are repeated to emphasize something. Every word counts, even the number of repetition. Finding the reason behind the repetition is a good challenge for the reader.

I started this week about the news and how it somewhat repeats. I decided to post for the remaining weekdays comic strips repeating the same images (OSS #115-118). The idea actually came from the Dinosaur Comics. I made it as a personal exercise. Placing restrictions in comic writing is fun. If you made it work, it's fulfilling.

They say to be able to be to write something new, you must know what was already written before. Using cliche in poetry is frowned upon unless you can give a new meaning to the words. The same goes for other fields - music, visual arts, marketing. I was told that if you made a painting using the styles of the classical masters, they would label your work as kitsch. If you're selling something similar to a popular brand, you must have something new before you can get some attention. In American Idol, they are on a look out for a distinct voice, not just that vocal prowess.

Another thing good about knowing what's old is that you don't have to make the same mistakes again. Although learning from mistakes is a good way to learn, some mistakes are not necessary. Some say that life is like school. You're require to repeat a lesson or course until you pass it. With all this repetition going on, I think some people (including me) never learn.


Mr. Scheez said...

Wawa naman si Fei, di na nakatiis nagtanong na talaga. Hehehe =)

Congratulations on repeating the same images and NOT repeating the thoughts/ideas within it. =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Haha. thanks! :)

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