Jan 8, 2009

OSS # 112: Recession

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Thoughts on Selling

I don't know how it started but the career in selling never attracted me. I wanted an office job and an office job I got. The images of tindera's and maglalako's are not the usual images for a lucrative career, right? I also find it hard to dissociate lying with selling. I don't want to be another mambobola. And I hate faking a smile!

Nevertheless, I have admired some people who have made selling part of their lives. There's a former office-mate who had/has a stall for poultry products in Nepa QMart. There's another friend who have been selling almost anything from t-shirts to balloons and cellphone loads. Last year she bought a car. A current office-mate is selling street food like fishballs and kikiam while another has a burger joint.

I read a self-help book that explains that there should be no shame in selling. In the current time, the book added, we can no longer rely on regular salaries. Long gone are they days where people can rely on their retirement benefits. With everything that has been happening, I seem to understand.

But I know nothing about selling...

But the best way to learn how to do something is to actually do it. I'm opening myself to learn from my mistakes because I'm sure I will make one or more. So somewhere out there in the world wide web, a doll is being sold. (It's not a doll you've seen here.) And I don't want to sell dolls for life. I hope I can sell something bigger someday. It's just a start.


Mr. Scheez said...

Bigger? Like blow up sex dolls?


I used to sell coconuts and coconut shells in palengkes. The money I earn I used for my schooling in HS and College.

Dati makikita mo ako sa palengke sa San Pablo Laguna na may buhat buhat na sako ng niyog (50 to 80 kilos). Minsan bao ng niyog ang buhat ko (as much as 3 sacks at a time) para dalhin sa mga bakery dahil gamit nila ito pangatong sa oven. Malaki ang kita namin ng tatay ko dito. Hehehe =)

PUSANG-gala said...

were the same on this one---I donno if I don't have the talent for it---I am just too timid to do so---I tried call center one time and it traumatized me---I easily got affected by negative remarks from customers......with that, I admire people who can go against all odds. it is a gift. maybe we can master it----who knows, you have the talent too.

Niel Camhalla said...

@Mr Scheez, dumaan yang sex dolls sa isip ko. hahaha!

Now the image of you and sacks of coconut is something I would have never pictured. Nice!

@PUSANG-gala, yes timid din ako minsan. Kailangan ko pakapalin mukha ko...Sayang ang talent kung ndi enuf ang kapal ng mukha :)

dabo said...

ganun.. anyway thoughts pa lang naman ito about selling.. selling is not really about pambobola, kung may product/service ka na alam mo na talagang bebenta or effective then go.. small step at a time..

good luck..

ako din gusto ko magbenta hehehe

Niel Camhalla said...

May mga misconceptions ako sa pagbebenta kaya siguro hindi ako magaling magbenta. Kailangan ko pa i-correct yung mga misconceptions na yun.

pie said...
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pie said...

selling? i can't sell my pie even tho its sweet and creamy! haha! hmmm. yep, with the recession these days, we all gotta think how to make ends meet, neil.

Reena said...

hi. just passing by..
i began selling too. i had ukay ukay sa house and i earned a lot. it's for extra income, plus i got rid of old clothes and clutter from the house.

Niel Camhalla said...

@Pie, baka mahal ang pie mo... Pricing is critical. :)

@Reena, Good for you. Too bad for me, I still haven't accumulated that much material possession to sell. I guess I'm still in the process of buying not selling. Hahaha.

Mugen said...

I'm seriously thinking of selling my life. Ahahaha.

Glad you're back in PEx. :P

Reena said...

hey. tnx for visiting my blog...
I'm curious. Why do you have an obsession with dolls? Oh, btw, the only doll i kept from my childhood days was a Rainbow Brite Doll.I'll make an entry on that and dedicate it to you...Good luck with the plans on selling!

Niel Camhalla said...

Ay sana wala bumili ng buhay mo. Dahil gusto ko sa yo lang ang buhay mo.

I'm not only back in PEx but recruiting as well. Hahaha.

And to think I have deadlines here in the office. Darn deadlines!

Cute and beautiful thing are naturally attractive, right? One reason I guess why I'm attracted to dolls and other toys.

As a boy, I was not allowed to play with dolls. Now that I can make decisions for myself, I'm indulging myself.

And I found out I can do a lot of things with them like this comic strip. Dolls expand my imagination and helps keeping me young at heart.

Others do with gadgets, clothes or shoes. I do with dolls

...and their doll clothes, doll gadgets and doll shoes.

katcarneo said...

I've done a lot of selling in my life pero I'm a masungit tindera kaya hindi umuubra! I worked in a call center before, and I sold computers. I hated the job and I think that's because I wasn't good at it. And because I decided I hate it I didn't strive to be good at it. Eventually I quit.

Ngayon a new selling opportunity comes my way. Ako din, gaya mo, I'll see what I can do.

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