Jan 14, 2009


It's really sad that there are a few Asian fashion dolls in the local market. I haven't seen Kira/Lea (Barbie's Asian friends) being sold in local toy stores. DollHead said that in one Latin American nation, dolls that are dark-skinned doesn't sell well. Store owners decided not to sell them. I don't know what's the scenario here in the Philippines but I have a feeling its the same. That is why when I saw my doll Vernie in the store shelf, I instantly picked her. She was the closest thing I could have for an Asian doll because of her black hair. Her blue eyes say otherwise.

If you really want something done, you have to do it yourself. I was lucky to find a doll head (yes only the doll head) with black hair for sale at Vente (where they sell everything for PhP20). I erased her wide blue eyes, made them smaller and painted them with brown (plus yellow to add depth). I changed her pink lip color. The pink reminded me of the 80's. I changed it to a more contemporary color.

I was able to find a body that matched her color. The body is tanned (although not as dark as I wanted) compared to a regular Caucasian doll. It looked good to me. I initially posted her for sale on eBay but I decided to keep her. Looking at these pictures, I'm glad I kept her. I may no longer have a chance for another Asian looking doll.

The doll body cost around P170
The doll head cost P20
The clothes cost around P100
It's more expensive than a basic Barbie doll but the joy of having a one of a kind doll like Juana - priceless!


She doesn't really look like pure Asian but more of a mestiza. I wonder how I can make her look more Asian. I'm thinking of repainting her but I have a number of face repainting project I want to start. Plus I don't think any amount of repainting can keep her from looking like a mestiza. At best she could be a Chinese mestiza. And I still don't know if I want to include her in the comic strip.


Mr. Scheez said...

She does look like a mestiza. Its in the eyes kuya Niel.

I think I saw somewhere that sells Asian barbie dolls. I can't remember where tho. Naka-filipiniana pa nga eh.

Niel Camhalla said...

Meron ako nakita online but I don't know how to buy anything online. Plus I always go for the cheaper alternative. :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Ay may nakita din pala ako fashion doll in Igorot attire pero ayaw ko kasi hindi nya mataas yung kamay nya sideways. At ayaw ko na rin pala ng nakangiti na kita ang ipin. Gusto ko parang may attitude problem yung doll. LOL.

Mr. Scheez said...

"Gusto ko parang may attitude problem yung doll." -- kasi mas realistic. Closer to earth, ika nga. Hehehe =)

gillboard said...

off topic: yep i do post sa pex from time to time, mostly dun sa may blogs o kaya sa int'l movies. hehe

thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Mugen said...

This is what you call passion and I am impressed. Please rub some of them to me. I'm having a hard time finishing Qiki's journey.

D7ana said...

For 11-12" Asian fashion dolls, you can get

Richwell Barbie dolls (Filipina) from Manika -- see this web page,

Yue Sai Wa Wa or Mei Ling, both available from ChinaSprout



or for a slightly heavier build, mixed race doll see Mixis Emerald at http://store.mixis.com/

Good luck building your doll collection!


Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks you guys! :)

D7ana said...

Oh I almost forgot Susie. Multi-ethnic Susie has a Chinese-American father and a Spanish- American mother. You can see photos of various Susie models at this web page:


Susie and the other dolls I mentioned are lovely dolls, but your Juana is a one-of-a-kind lovely. She wouldn't be in anyone else's storyline or collection -- unless you decide to sell or trade her.

Happy Collecting and Creating!


Anonymous said...

I personally like Momoko dolls ... they are on par with Susie in cost, though. (Much pricier than Barbie.) Just Google "Momoko doll" :)

Niel Camhalla said...

I like their articulation but their too pricey for me. :)

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