Dec 4, 2008

OSS # 99: Christian Oxymoron

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Next week, Puypuy and Lolita comes back for one more question on religion.

Sometimes I really think I'm bordering on blasphemy. The truth is I'm just a kid with irreverent questions on a confusing religion. That's why I decided not to profess but rather ask.

I'll let other people reconcile some seemingly oxymoronic Christian phrases.
- Gay Christian: here and here
- Feminist Christian
- Liberal Christian
- Capitalist Christian

I'm not saying what they posted is right or wrong. People have their own way of processing things. I have my own way as you do, too. I won't take it as my job to change your mind. How can I, if I haven't made up my mind?


jamie da vinci! said...

why can't religion just leave us alone!!!? seriously, don't they have ENOUGH problems already? :)


Dhon said...

ahahahaha.. you go girl!
i love your angst and sarcasm!

BTW, i linked your blog into mines.. hope you will also!


wanderingcommuter said...

thats why i can't say myself as religious rather i prefer being spiritual. i believe the faith. but i am having problem with the institution!

Mugen said...

Ahhh religion. No wonder, I'd rather remain spiritual.

gentle said...

wehehe. its really a stroke of genius that you made those dolls spout such heavy, heavy ponderings, neil. dumaan ulet. :)

Pepe Mckunat said...

i am catholic.
that's all.

Niel Camhalla said...

Jamie I don't think religion (Christianity specifically) will leave anybody alone. they are into conversion ever since I could remember.

Dhon, Thanks! Will do.

Ewik and Joms, nauuso yata ang spiritual ngayon... :)

gentle salamat sa pagdaan. :)

Pepe Mckunat I have nothing againts Catholics ha. Dun sa mga bigots lang. And I'm NOT saying they are one and the same. :)

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