Nov 28, 2008

OSS # 96: Menchu's Type

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This entry was inspired by a rumor on a certain artista saying something like what Menchu said. Do you know the artista? I don't.

We're watching Twilight. Hooray!

But why? The same reason why we watch TV shows like Deysi Siete and Wowowee - for cultural studies.




Update (Nov 29, 2008):
I have seen the movie. And I agree to this Twilight movie review.


Mr. Scheez said...

You watch wowowee? Fave mo ba ang show na ito? Wag ka sana maooffend sa post ko about this show. =)

OffTopic: Interesting word verification - "fastos".

Niel Camhalla said...

Nanonood ako Wowowee pero hindi ko po sya favorite :) kaya siguro hindi ako mao-offend. :)

dabo said...

napanood ko na sya ehehe!

tagabukid said...

why there's so much hoopla about twilight?

someone gave me the book, and eclipse, as christmas present pero di ko pa naumpisahang basahin (disadvantage ng may wish list nawawala ang surprise factor hehe).

di ko lang nakasanayan manood ng game shows local or otherwise. :D

and salamat, salamat...i'll be fine; we'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

nakakatuwa naman! namiss ko ang mga dolls mo!

katcarneo said...

I read the book before watching the movie kasi sabi nila it was really good daw, and and dating sakin ng Twilight eh it's a "feel-good" read. Very character centered and loaded with kilig factor.

The movie, well, it became too focused on the kilig scenes so for me parang babad na babad at dragging siya para sakin. Pero okay lang.

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