Nov 11, 2008

OSS # 88: Coffee Shop

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The day was Saturday. The time: 9:48 PM. Having conceptualized a couple of coffee shop comic strips, I decided to let AJ and Mikhail tag along with Francis and me. Everyone was briefed about the guerilla shooting style. We didn't want to attract undue attention.

Luck struck when we found the table in front of the counter vacant. It should impart the ambiance for the comic strip. Francis and I proceeded with our personal news updates while waiting for the perfect moment.

Everybody was minding their own. One customer was at the counter. The table was staged for the dolls and a good shot. AJ and Mikhail took their positions. My camera clicked a few times then there were banging on the glass wall behind me.

He was smiling pointing at my dolls. A fan? A stranger definitely. Then there were two. The first one left immediately while the second banged and banged and banged on the glass wall. She was saying something. The glass wall rendered her mute.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

Picture 1
Picture 2


tagabukid said...

sikat na sila AJ and mikhail may public appearance na and the two got fan(s) to boot. astig! :D

Mr said...

At first glance I thought lifesize yung dolls. Angle lang pala ng camera.

Galeng naman ni Kuya Niel =)

- Mr. Scheezcake

Niel Camhalla said...

Tagabukid, those two were really a surprise. Too bad they can't read my blog.

Mr Scheez, hindi naman. Ilang trial-and-pindot yan. I usually have 1 good picture out of 5 or maybe less.


Wandering Wonder Bra said...

the thrill of trying to have the perfect shot.. way to go niel!


write of passage hehehe

kat said...

aba, celebrity sina aj and mikhail!

ang oo nga, nag-post din ako tungkol sa coffee shop....pero special request ni boyfriend who's a supervisor there....

Niel Camhalla said...

Thanks Dabo.

Kat, nag-aadvertise ka pala sa blog mo. Hahaha.

Looking For The Source said...

hmmm.. ive never written any post about a coffee shop. hmmm.. magawa nga..

ika said...

the barista kinda looks cute.

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