Oct 17, 2008

OSS # 75: Perfectionist

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I was thinking that the dolls can say more than what is allowed within four panels. Maybe it's time to hear them out. Maybe soon you'll read a blog entry from anyone of them.

In the meantime, why not read a short story about some of them. It's quite difficult to tell the complicated background of the dolls using just a few comic strips. Some aren't even funny at all. That is why I decided to write some short stories introducing the new dolls and how they are tied up to the ones we already know.

I'll start by telling about Millicent tomorrow. I have to split it in two part because 1) I don't like very long entries 2) I want to take some outdoor photos to go along with the second part of the story. It is scheduled to be posted 12 AM of Oct 18, 2008 Blogger time.

1 comment:

gingmaganda said...

eargggh. ganyan din ako these past four days. haha. now i'm free! free, i say! freeeee!

tapos na ang mga paper ko! yahu

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