Oct 13, 2008

OSS # 73: Love

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In the beginning it says
"once upon a time" and we thought
it was easy to put a finger on it-

here, now, this very minute
when what happens
happens with a purpose;

"Hello stranger." And one says
"Hello stranger" back, meaning
"Happy to have met you finally"

that it might be easy enough to say
each other's name with little difficulty,
that it may hold something beyond

the sound of it. And I know you.
And I know you besides the sound of your name,
which is a sound of a restful sleep

I have never known until now,
until I have said it and you
have recognized it as your own,

that I am not calling anyone else
but you, who also said my name as clearly
and with a tenderness beyond definition,

if definition we seek to understand things.
But we learned not to define "us"
because it is just a word; even

if "in the beginning came the word"
which is properly idea. We are not an idea.
Like when I say "I love you"

and I don't mean it. I mean only, you
standing beside me by the sink
in the morning, or by the lonely bus stop

and not waiting for the first time
but knowing inside my head a name
I speak of without surprise,

that which feels like I never have
to say it out loud, only to myself, in silence
but rings clear above my head

like a neon sign that tells me,
"We're here. We're here."



Anonymous said...

i also love their new bathroom! lol.

Mr. Scheez said...

Isa na namang nakakatuwang post from the Doll Master himself =)

Looking For The Source said...

bakit walang PG sa lower right corner? Tsk tsk!

nyahaha... nice bathroom..

wanderingcommuter said...

wala kang mintis!!! paano ba magdonate ng mga toys jan. may mga toys kasi akong hindi na rin masyado napapansin. so gusto ko naman silang sumikat!

Niel Camhalla said...

@prisesa, i love how it came out din kahit minadali lang.

@mr scheez, natuwa ako na natuwa ka.

@ltfs, anong PG? Palaging Guapo?

@ewik! sige pasikatin natin sila. paano mo sila gusto sumikat? tumatanggap ba sila ng mature roles?

Gibo. said...

i love the new header. group pic talaga!

tagabukid said...

onga naman three ways of defining love from the point of view of: material (comfort), personal (neighbor) and spiritual (love is in the air hehe) prang rip off ba to ng love in the time of poop-lera? hehe sori po korni ko talaga. *toink!

Niel Camhalla said...

@Gibo, temporary lang yan. Will change it today.

@tagabukid, ndi ko po nabasa or napanood yun. toink!

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