Sep 20, 2008

Two Walls Tell Tale

Wall Painting


Window to the World

Curtain Call

I don't stop at just designing their clothes. I design their living (like they actually live, hahaha) space as well. I find the white walls too dull for the brightly colored furniture. I decided to make walls out of some illustration boards, poster paint, popsicle sticks and a gift wrapping paper. I didn't wanna make it look too real. I still like to keep that toy feel.

I specially like the kitchen with the sink. Would you believe that I bought it for only Php80? I know I already have a kitchen playset but where are they going to was the dishes, right? I was planning to create my own sink. I was going to use a plastic blister pack which resembles a rectangular sink. All I have to do is find something that looks like a miniature faucet. I don't have to worry about that anymore. But now I have two ovens. I'm keeping this new one even though it's pink. I'm thinking of making the other one into an outdoor grill or something else.

The last picture is more or less how they are stored at home. I used to just place them inside a dark cabinet after I'm done taking pictures. They now have a small corner they can call home. All pictures are clickable for the larger version. Can you see the miniature water dispenser? And the Bible? Water bottle? I like details. I know I can still work on some details more. A framed painting on the wall maybe.

I'm thinking they need a toilet and bathtub or maybe just a shower. I don't think I'll use them in any comic strip yet but I just want them. I also want to make a miniature garden. And they're going to get a miniature Christmas tree...

Wait... these dolls are lucky to have such amenities. I don't even like the color of our room.

Anyways these dolls really enjoy the two walls I made them. Just see what they did.

Anyone who thinks there's safety in numbers hasn't looked at the stock market pages. - Irene Peter

Just so we're clear, I do this because I can't cook.

Barbie is so cute, pare!

Milk Chocolate?

I know you like to cook but you seem to forget, we're on a diet.


wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. ang cute cute talaga nila... i am a fan! maghanap ka na ng producer mo! i swear!

Looking For The Source said...

nice. impressive. love it.

just bloghopping!

Gibo said...

wow. production number na talaga ito. the stove has even a hood!

i like the way you designed/cut that wall paper.

yup, they need a bath tub/jacuzzi. imagine the things they can do there :-)

Mugen said...

I wouldn't be surprised if one day you will tell us you created an entire barbie-house apartment. Ahehehe.

tagabukid said...

grabe ka niel!

whew! you've done all these? sounds like you've gone through the whole gamut of renovating a house. reading your account was wearing enough.

uh-ok, sabi nga ni joms, passion :D

Niel Camhalla said...

@ewik, aanhin ko naman yung producer? Hehehe.

@LFTS, thanks for the visit and comment.

@gibo, i'm already picturing shower scenes. kaso mahirap yata makahanap nun. baka isip na lang ako gumawa para sa sarili ko.

@joms, dapat foldable yung apartment na yun. i don't want it to take so much space. pero pangarap ko din yun :)

@tagabukid, madali lang naman sya. half-day lang siguro. matagal lang maghintay magpatuyo ng pintura.

katcarneo said...

oooh, lovely kitchen! you have a talent for these kinds of things....

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