Sep 29, 2008

OSS # 67: You Bitch, You

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Mr. Scheez said...

Hahaha, X-Rated!

And, they don't need rubber! Hahaha =)

Niel Camhalla said...

umm...they are talking about billiards ha.


Mugen said...

Ohh naughty naughty!!

JeFF said...

hey, thanks for dropping my blog, that's funny, and its for adult only haha, or maybe not ;)

Off topic: I already watched the 1st two episode of heroes last week and can't wait for the 3rd one, it's really a roller coaster ride for the 1st two episodes! :)

Gibo said...


billiards talaga is a so cool...u get ur stick and balls :-)

wanderingcommuter said...

siguro kailangan mo na rin maglagay ng parental guidance sa screen mo...hahahaha

gingmaganda said...

and they even have their own pool table. your dolls are spoiled!

hey, the dolls are tagged!


Looking For The Source said...

this is hot! joke!

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