Sep 24, 2008

OSS # 65: Small Balls

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They're still in the birthday get together for Mikhail. Blas seems to loosen up after a few drink. But he has a plan. You'll see.

Some more photos of what dolls drink:

Can you spot the mug in the comic strip?

That's the same red glass from the previous photo.

What do you call that thing anyway? Wine cooler?

That's the same bottle Blas is holding.


Mr. Scheez said...

Niel! Kaaliw talaga ang blog mo. A breath of fresh air sa blogosphere. Kudos! Ahlavit! =)

tagabukid said...

you got an eye for detail...(wine chiller, i guess?)

Mugen said...

WOW!! Pwede bang sumama sayo minsan pag bumili ka ng mga accessories nila, yun ang gagawin kong blog entry! Hehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

thanks mr. scheez!

@tagabukid, detail ba? I guess thats the Virgo in me.

@joms, unscheduled madalas yung pagbili ko ng mga toys. little things like those mini-bottles, nakita ko lang biglaan. Since P20-50 lang sila (ref magnets), binili ko na.

i just window shop most of the time. kapag may sale or discount na, dun ko na binibili.

katcarneo said...

Oh, how cute!

I have some of those ref magnets.

Looking For The Source said...

bagay sila!

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