Sep 10, 2008

OSS # 59: Redundant

(1)Mikhail: I'm glad I bumped into you. AJ and I had a fight. Huhuhu. (2)Mikhail: I need someone to talk to. Huhuhu... Kenny: Mikhail, I'd like you to meet Blas. (3)Mikhail: Sorry if I don't look to fab these days but I'm glad to meet you. (4)Mikhail: You look like a good shoulder to cry on. Huhuhu... Blas: Gay and overly dramatic. How redundant!

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Mugen said...

Ouch. Hehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

bato bato sa langit...


tagabukid said...

pagbigyan na natin ng moment nya si mikhail :D

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