Sep 17, 2008

Me The Mananahi

I have been fascinated with women's clothing as a kid. I attribute it to my nanay. She is a dressmaker. She used to have a dozen catalogs and I browsed them with amusement.

I watched her take measurements and drawn patterns. I was amused how a two dimensional piece of paper will be used to construct a three-dimensional covering for the body. I like it best when she makes gowns. I watched as she sewed the pretty beads on the delicate cloth.

When I was older, she asked me to help her attach the buttons and hooks. Later on, she can rely on me to do some basting stitch. When she could trust me with delicate gowns, she asked me to help her with the bead work.

What I learned from her came in useful during sophomore home-economics class. I was able to sew my first shorts. I got a good grade because of that. I didn't actually do it on my own. I had help from my nanay.

Knowing basic skills is sewing, I now create outfits for my dolls. I made from scratch most of the doll clothes (except Lolita's and Puypuy's which I just altered). I know my dolls fail in comparison to the designer dolls, but that shouldn't stop me from being proud of what I do.

I'm damn proud!

So girls, rampa na!

*click image for larger version

Cynthia as a prom girl

Lolita being a model

Vernie with her aria

Cynthia is wearing a sheer apple green gown. This is actually a hanky/scarf. It is tied to her waist with a sheer olive green ribbon. Faux champagne pearls were added for accent.

Next is Lolita wearing a yellow hooded satin gown. A white lace is tied to hold the fabric and accentuate her waist. A string of plastic pearls is left to hang around her neck as an accessory.

Lastly, Vernie is wearing a violet Greek inspired gown. It is made of a flowing wrinkled sheer fabric. The excess can be turned to a veil. A black ribbon with a black plastic gem was used as a belt. A string of black pearls were used as her neck-piece which were allowed to run along her skirt. She is actually wearing a scarf

No cutting nor stitching was done here. I just tied, pinned and draped the fabric on them.


Mr. Scheez said...

I love the Grace Jones look-alike (in yellow) =)

I want to be a mananahi =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Yung Grace Jones look-a-like is a Storm doll(from X-men) in her punk days.

Mr. Scheez, be a mananahi if that would make you happy. Nothing should stop you.


Mugen said...

Kaya tuwang tuwa sayo yung mga tiga Pink Mafia eh. Hehehe. Seriously, you have talent dude. Bow ako sayo.

tagabukid said...


Niel Camhalla said...

Naku ano yang Pink Mafia na yan? Nothing criminal I hope. Hehehe.

Thanks Joms.

@tagabukid, *curtsy*

katcarneo said...

hey, this is cool! I tried making doll's clothes in high school but only succeeded in making my barbies look like modern-day Sisas.

Niel Camhalla said...

@kat, kulang ka siguro ng praktis dati. practice makes perfection!

fuchsiaboy said...

ay! parang i wanna make some clothes for your dolls!

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