Aug 13, 2008

OSS # 47: Riddle

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Mugen said...

nawawala pa rin si puypuy

boying said...

may sagot ba 'yong riddle? ano?

Niel Camhalla said...

@joms, partly yes but not quite :) baka next issue will be give more hints.

@boying, may sagot ung riddle syempre :) nasa comic strip din yung sagot. try to figure out para masmasaya.

tagabukid said...

ummm...giveaway ba yong sagot mo ke boying? was the answer riddle itself? hahaha (context clue lang)

bulitas said...

got the answer. hehe


wanderingcommuter said...

dinudugo na ilong ko.

wild guess, the riddler herself?!

Gibo said...

sirit na!

damn, im really enjoying your blog. cheers to you!

Niel Camhalla said...

Tama po si tagabukid.

A riddle is the answer to the riddle.

Thanks for the visit you all!

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