Aug 23, 2008

An Accident

I accidentally found this delightful poem and thought of sharing..

And What Do you Get
by Heather McHugh

Excise the er from exercise. Or from
example, take the ex out: now it's bigger;
to be lonely, take the amp out
and replace it with an i. Take am or me
away from name
and suddenly there’s not
much left, the name’s one of the many names

for naught. Eleven tons of hidden work
are always lurking inside words. In English or
analysis (the cons turned pro, among the -fessions)
take in out
of mind and you’ve

got someone who delivers you a bill.
Take double you from anybody’s will—
a skew, a skid—and all
is terrifying—
take the the from

therapist, split accent with an id—

Speaking of accidents, I accidentally broke Mikhail's leg. *sigh* I tried using Bulldog Super Glue to no avail. I felt really bad about it. Mikhail was hysterical. I told him of a story about one toy I used to have.

I was reminded of the first major toy purchase I made. I saved up money when I was in sixth grade to by myself the Bioman robot. It was composed of BioJet 1 and BioJet2. The two jets transforms and connected to form a robot. It even had a sword.

I was at the back of the tricycle driver on the way home when I opened the box. I couldn't help it. I remembered how happy I was with that fine toy. I started assembling and disassembling the toy. You know how it was with kids and new toys, right?

The driver made a sudden swerve to avoid another tricycle. BioJet 1 flew out of my little hand and landed on the pavement. I shouted to stop the tricycle. I ran over to where my toy landed and saw that the arm had come off. It looked like it just came from a war with the scratched paint job. There was a big crack on the nose of the jet from the crash landing.

I remembered crying. I felt so cheated. My happiness was cut short. It was just around 5 minutes of play with a brand new toy. My mother scolded me. She said that I should have seated inside the sidecar rather than behind the driver. But I was old enough. I should have waited till we got home before I opened it, she added. I couldn't help it.

You know what? I continued to play with it. The BioRobot had one useless arm but he could still use the other. It continued to defeat imaginary monsters. My brother and I still had fun playing with it. It was one of my most unforgettable toys.

Mikhail now calm, learned his lesson. A broken limb can't reduce the happiness a toy brings. He can still tango! Just look at this picture. His leg was already broken in this picture.

For more pictures of Mikhail dancing with one broken leg, you can check out my multiply site at http://one6thsense.multiply.com/.


tagabukid said...


Gibo said...

sad sad sad..but tell him about the south african one legged swimmer Natalie du Toit who competed in the Beijing Olympics and inspired everyone :-)

Mugen said...

Reminds me of a cousin who had a voltron toy.

Nasira niya yung isang lion shortly after he opened the box. Hayun hindi na nilaro after.

Niel Camhalla said...

it will be ok, tagabukid.

i haven't heard about that gibo. will tell him. :)

@joms, ganun talaga minsan ang mga bata kahit matatanda. pero kapag wala ka na mapapagpilian minsan lalaruin din kahit sira.

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