Jul 8, 2008

OSS # 32: Flower Child

OSS no 32

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dabo said...

magaling sa punchline si puypuy ah.. lol..

--- --

no biggie just make the best out of your resources..

Mugen said...

Once I discover your technique of making comic strips, I'd do a tribute entry for you.

Ganon kita ka-idol. :)

JeFF said...

nice one there, nice hairdo of that mom, very nice unique comic strip

Niel Camhalla said...

@dabo, i was thinking this entry was one of the less funnier ones. Glad you liked it.

@joms, flattered naman ako. is having dolls inside my head talking all day considered a technique?

@jeff, she was actually storm of the x-men. she had that hairstyle back in the days.

Mugen said...

It's like having Mugen, Darkstar and Pulsar having an imaginary boardroom conference inside my head while flirting with someone when I go to a club. Hehe.

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