Jun 26, 2008

OSS # 26: Cunning

OSS no 26

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The newest doll shown below is Puypuy. You'll get to see more of her in future.

Puypuy's Pets

I'm now living with 6 dolls. And I'm still looking for 2 more!


Mugen said...

I have at least 4 inside my closet. Hehe.

Jan Ashlee Franco said...

Hey... wow... this site is cool and funny. about the doll advocacy, maybe you can put up a group of barbie fans or sumthing...ur goal is to protect their not-so-human rights.. :)

> Vanny said...

wow. ur blog is so cool! =)

puypuy is so cute! :D

Niel Camhalla said...

joms, at least hindi skeletons sa loob ng closet mo. Hehehe.

Thanks, Jan and Vanny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my site.

dabo said...

ikaw ba yung nasa background.. sa pix ni puypuy

Niel Camhalla said...

yup, in red.

and my partner (in yellow).

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