May 6, 2008

OSS # 10: Paternity Leave

OSS no 10

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Mugen said...

Hehe katuwa naman. Maybe I could introduce my doll in the picture someday. Ehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

Sure! Guest appearance ka as your doll.

Teka, you have a doll??

tagabukid said...

hey, hey...isn't it a miracle? i was blind, but now i see! thanks for the detour. :D

Niel Camhalla said...

@tagabukid: You're welcome. Hurray for miracles.


Mugen said...

My relatives gave me a GI Joe Doll when i was a kid. It's as tall as a Ken doll. Ehehe.

Nice idea nga. Hehe. I'd feature the guess appearance in my blog as well. Yun eh pag natapos na yung act three nung tagaytay highlands entry ko.

Niel Camhalla said...

@Joms, nice! May line up na rin ako ng strips for the next few weeks. Sa June pa siguro lalabas yung strip na kasama GI Joe mo. Kasal nila Kenny at Cynthia. Pde ka guest dun.

Gusto mo ikaw gawin kong pari sa kasal? LOL.

Raf Feliciano said...

this blogspot is truly awesome! hurrah!

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