Apr 2, 2009

Rainbow Connection

Even before I was making comics, I was already reading comics. Well, duh! Aside from the likes of Funny Comics, Pugad Baboy, Kuyug and A. Lipin, I also read online comics. I haven't read a Filipino gay comic strip before. (If you know one, please inform me.) I rely on the web for my doze of gay humor. One comic strip I follow is called Rainbow Connection. I remember sharing it to a friend since I like it so much.

When I joined the DrunkDuck community, I got to interact with other comic writers including Candyman, the writer of Rainbow Connection. It was fun reading them but I enjoy it more when other people enjoy my comic strips. I was just surprised today that Candyman made a comic strip which he said was inspired by my comics. Happiness!

Read it here.


:: cb :: said...

i saw it. congratulations! that's one of the greatest compliments you could ever receive! :D

parteeboi said...


you may want to check out mga kwentong kalibugan, i tell you, it will give you your gay dose more than fun and humor. hehehehe.

katcarneo said...

I collected Funny Komiks as a kid. I was already an adult when I discovered Pugad Baboy and I collect the books. Another comic book I'm following is something called Y:The Last Man. And then One Sixth Sense, which I love, and I would broadcast it to anybody who would listen. I'll be checking out Rainbow Connection.

Niel Camhalla said...

@:: cb :: hindi naman. i got better compliments lalo na sa mababait na bloggers. :)

@parteeboi, nasawa na ako dun eh.

@katcarneo, ngayon ko lang nadinig yang "Y". ni google ko lang. mukhang interesting.

pie said...

applause, niel... applause! :)

Herbs D. said...

its just repaying all the effort you've done with doing these comics! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

wow congratulations! why are you looking for gay comics? btw, i also read those comics that you mentioned. such entertainment.

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