Jan 16, 2009

Ning Fa

I'm still practicing face painting Asian fashion dolls. This time I used the Disney doll, Snow White. Her hair was originally permed. I washed it with hot water to partially straighten her hair leaving the ends with soft wavy curls.

I filled her toothy smile with epoxy clay to make her look more serious. I initially had a local actress (Judy Ann) as an inspiration noticing some similarities in the shape of the face but I failed to recreate her natural pout. I decided to make her into a Chinese doll. After a number of erasures, here is Ning Fa.

I have to thank a friend from whom I got the name Ning Fa. I have this message for her.

Now for my next challenge... This is quite frustrating but they say it gets easier once you get the hang of it. After I re-root her hair, I'll give her a perm! Then a make-up errr face repaint. Now I feel like a parlorista...


Mr. Scheez said...

Wow, doll god na si kuya Niel. O sobra ang term na doll god? Sige doll master na lang. Kayang kaya ibahin ang itsura ng mga dolls. Hehehe =)

Ang frequent mo mag post lately, ha? =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Ay naku Mr Scheez, beginner pa lang ako. Kung makita mo yung gawa ng iba...as in!

I had to post this today kasi may special occasion :)

pie said...

fabulous ang ning fa! :)

peter penducker said...

whoa! the Doll Master. nice title for you. ;-)

jamie da vinci! said...

who was ning fa greeting a happy birthday? who's eba? :)

nice doll tho... tamang tama malapit na mag cha-nis nu yee! :)

Anonymous said...

galing oh?
nakakagawa k rin pala.
kala ko bumibili ka lang.
o ano?
di ko maintndihan.

MkSurf8 said...

hanga ako ;-)

Mugen said...


Niel Camhalla said...

Ning Fa and Niel: *bow*

@jamie, Eba is a friend. It was her bday. :)

katcarneo said...

And tricky at delicate ng ginagawa mo ha--galeng!....we'll be waiting for the (final) finished product.

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