Dec 2, 2008

Three Cheers

Other than it is filled with cuteness, I have three things to be cheerful about that picture. Let me tell you about them one by one.

The little doll seated on the bench is Hannah. I named her after the Allan's 8-year old niece. She gave me the doll after learning that I like playing with dolls.

I was at their home last Sunday to celebrate her brother's birthday. Tita Mers (Allan's aunt) wanted to see the pictures of my dolls. I let her see this blog and my Flickr account. Hannah was viewing the page with us. She then asked me what size my dolls are. I placed my hands about 1 foot apart and told her it was about that size. She then asked if I have small dolls. I told her, yes, motioning with my fingers their approximate size. She then went to her room and came back with a doll. "Sa yo na lang. Hindi naman ako naglalaro ng doll."


Tita Lou (Allan' mom) was glad to see me. She said she had lots of things to show me. It has been a while since my last visit. She showed me those bonsai size plastic plants made out of soft drink bottles. She got them from the school where she teaches. Arts and crafts was one of the subjects being taught there. She decided to paint the branches and leaves with acrylic to give it more life. She added artificial berries that looked like of aratiles. She saw how I liked them and told me I could take home as many as I want. Hooray! It certainly would work well with outdoor/park/garden scenes for my dolls.

Whenever Allan and I are out to buy anything, I never fail to visit the toy section. Last Saturday, I saw a simple doll bed. The discount made me want to buy it. He asked two favors from me. First, he asked me not to buy the bed and any other doll furniture. Second, he asked me not to ask any questions. Hmmm... He's planning something. Whatever it may be, if it's related to dolls, it would be something to be cheerful about!

I ended up buying the photo holder that can double as a doll bench, with his permission of course. I also bought toy paints which I used in repainting a cheap doll head. My first attempt is shown below. I did a tooth-extraction and a full-face repaint.

I like the eyebrows. You can see that my brush stokes are kinda rough, the lips are a partially parted, the lipstick and eye make up are a mess. It's quite mediocre really but who knows after a few practice, right?


Mugen said...

I am so glad that Allan is very supportive of you with your passions. Sana pagnagkaroon ako ng SO ay ganun rin.

Lalo pa ngayon, mukhang magiging challenge ang balak kong mangyari sa adventures ni Qiki. :P

Niel Camhalla said...

Joms, if you're not going to settle pwede ka din magkaroon. :) if you need help sa adventures ni Qiki sabihin mo lang sa kin.

Mr. Scheez said...

Ang bait naman ng niece ni Allan. Pati family nya mabait. I like Tita Lou na, ha? She makes bonsai plants (plastic) pala. Great!

Hahaha, feeling close =)

I smell a gift. Hehehe =)

Niel Camhalla said...

Yeah mabait sila, pero kapag ayaw ka nila, ipapaalam nila sa yo.

Hindi po si Tita Lou gumawa ng plastic bonsai. Mga students nya. Hindi din yata sya nagturo. Ibang subject turo nya.

I'm thinking the gift will come at Christmas. So until then bawala ko bumili. Hahaha.

PUSANG-gala said...

you are a very lucky man---got a lot of sponsors.haha. tall about beingat the right place at the right time.....

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Wow - I really love that doll. Great pics.

katcarneo said...

I once watched a certain Manong around Manila make those bonsai plants out of softdrink bottles. ang cool. the manong even made a banana tree with a monkey. it's cool na they teach that in schools.

wow, dumadami ng dumadami ang mga gamit at porps....

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