Dec 16, 2008

Gloria Doll Play Sets

Barbie play sets normally cost from PhP500 to Php2500. A person like me would go broke if I were to build a fully furnished doll house using Barbie products. Thank goodness there are doll furniture that can go as low as PhP200 (around $4), even lower when they're on sale.

One of my favorite fashion doll play set line is from Gloria. I recently saw a wide variety of Gloria play sets at The Landmark in Trinoma. I bought two (the fashion and the happy hour play sets), restraining myself from buying the other sets. I got the Gloria motor scooter months back when it was on sale at the National Bookstore.

The play sets are modeled below by Gloria (of 1:6Sense). Note that this Gloria is shorter than Barbie sized dolls.

Also available: Gloria Bathroom Play Set

Other than Gloria play sets, there are also "My Fancy Life" play sets.


(09Dec2009 Update)

Another company, Goldlok Toys, are manufacturing plays sets for 11.5 inch dolls. They are a little more expensive than Gloria play set. Sample photo(s) below.


gentle said...

ahahaha! kinakarir talaga ang gloria dolls! :)

Mr. Scheez said...

Maabilidad si kuya sa pag-purchase ng furnitures/doll sets, ha? Makakabauo ka na nyan ng doll mansion. Hehehe =)

wanderingcommuter said...

iba nga talaga ang nagagawa kapag hobby...

PUSANG-gala said...

I have always wondered why those barbies are so expensive....hmmmm

jamie da vinci! said...

meron akong kilala na SUPER magugustuhan ito!!! ahahahaha!!!

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