Dec 18, 2008

Fashion Dolls For Less

In a third world country such as mine, an authentic Barbie doll is a luxury. No wonder less expensive Barbie clones sell like pancakes. One problem with the clones is that they all look the same - lacking character blue eyed blond with a huge bald spot. The two below are exceptions.

Mayumi and Yva

They are clones but don't they look great? They have more character than your basic authentic Barbie. Both bodies are authentic Barbies from my favorite thrift store. A second hand doll costs PhP100. Some clones Barbies also have good bodies. Clones with a enough articulation goes for around PhP200.

The head was removed and replaced with the ones bought from Zulit (or Seasons). The Zulit body is more anorexic than regular doll and the shoulder couldn't be raised sideways. What would you expect for a doll that costs PhP50? The messy hair was fixed with patient combing and hot water.

You can use the attire the dolls came with or you can shop for clothes with a little more umph. The fuchsia dress Yva wears costs PhP40 at the Richwell Warehouse X'mas sale 2008. (Thanks to online friends like Ging who shared the news about the sale.)

Who would think Mayumi and Yva each cost less than PhP200?


Mr. Scheez said...

I love brunettes! Love ko si Yva. Yva Longoria! Syete, parang porn star. Ching! =)

Niel Camhalla said...

I was thinking Yva Punda. LOL.

Mugen said...

I like mayumi better.

gentle said...

yva punda. shet na pangalan yan! hehehe. :) just bought barbie clones for my nieces too. the doll came with two outfits, aside from the gown she's wearing... and it cost me 149.50. yey!

wanderingcommuter said...

ang creepy talaga ng mga dolls na tanggal ang ulo huwag moi na gawin ulit yun

FerBert said...

haha.. naalala ko wala pa pala akong nabibiling pangregalo sa mga inaanak kong babae.. sige clone na barbie na lang ang bibilhin ko

Anonymous said...

you're right. maganda nga sila. at ang hair ha, panalo.

Niel Camhalla said...

Joms Mayumi will go to a friend this Christmas.

gentle yey! matutuwa sila nyan.

ewik nyek... eto para sa yo...

Ferbert dolls are my favorite gift to give :) minsan nga ayaw ko ibigay. hahaha!

prinsesamusang masarap suklayin buhok nila. silky smooth. :)

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