Nov 18, 2008

Food Choices

Good day bloggers.

I was glad Niel let me write a blog entry knowing I was just new in this blogosphere. I just wanted to write about my latest photo shoot experience. Niel already posted some shots before but the latest session was quite exhausting. He was like "Qiki do this," and "Qiki wear that." I went through a number of costume changes and Niel made me pose with a variety of doll food.

The first one was simple. I was just being myself having a heavy breakfast. I'd say the sunny side up really looked yummy.

Niel also asked me to pose as if I was cooking. Who would believe I can cook, right? I could have sworn the dish smelled really fishy. I wondered why.

Then he fitted me into an aerobics outfit. He asked me to pretend I was exhausted from biking and was eager to nibble the goodies on my bento box. Don't I look fat in this photo?

I was really glad I didn't have to eat any of those food. It was all pretend like what they do in TV. Speaking of TV, TV dinner anyone?

The next one was quite challenging. Niel asked me to strip! I was like..."huh?!" He promised not to show any private parts. He wanted to to do a Kim Cattrall thing from Sex and the City. Of course I could never hold a candle to her. Could you tell that's me? I hope not.

This is my favorite. I wore a blue gown and my hair was brushed up and tied at the back. He asked me to look like I was fighting a sweet temptation. I really have no business in show business. All I could do was to look good like some stars I know.

The last one was like having a midnight snack with a Doppelgänger. I couldn't tell if he was trying to be scary or funny. I noticed Niel likes using mirrors just like in this one.

I asked Niel where he got those great looking doll food. Each one was very realistic. I didn't know if there is any specialty store that sells those stuff. I heard you can only buy Re-Ment-like products on eBay. He said he was lucky enough to chance upon a store in Divisoria selling these well crafted keychains. He said he wanted to buy everything but he realized he was being over indulgent once again. So he just bought a dozen.

I'm glad Niel bought these food. Now we have more food choices. We used to just make do with Play-Doh. All this talk about food suddenly made me hungry. So if you will excuse, I'll go raid the fridge. Bye!



wanderingcommuter said...

saNA makita ko ang mga toys mo in person one day... hahaha...

Looking For The Source said...

ha ha ha... Qiki has finally arrived!

tagabukid said...

is this a foretaste of egoism series?

i suppose it took so much courage and 'obedience' for qiki to bare all on just the second installment despite the high-angle shot? (did i hear qiki saying "it's not for the money"?)

neil, you know you can be nasty-naughty sometimes. :D

(may talent pala si qiki magsulat makapag pa-private tutor nga :D)

Mr. Scheez said...

Qiki is soooo qiki!

A day in the life of Qiki, me like it. Hehehe =)

kat said...

"I really have no business in show business. All I could do was to look good like some stars I know."
--LOL! how true

Wow, I was wondering the same thing---where on earth did you get all those doll food.

Thank goodness for Divisoria!

G said...

qiki, grabe itong si niel ha, demanding!

Pepe Mckunat said...

aus ah.
laruan pala tinutukoy mo.
namansyal lang.


Ibang klase... orig!

Niel Camhalla said...

ewik ano naman gagawin mo pag nakita mo sila?

looking for the source asan ang red carpet? hehehe.

tagabukid ndi naman egoism unless you think people writing about the food they eat is egoism. Qiki knows it's not for the money. It's for something bigger. we'll know about it in a few days.

mr scheez Qiki: name palang patok na.

kat iba talaga ang divisoria. there are hidden wonders in its pasilio. i think one could create a blog just about divisoria.

g Qiki was very professional. I would ask her to do it if I know she can't.

pepe mckunat salamat sa pasyal. pasyal ka uli.

kris jasper thanks po.

dencios said...

wow. thats may kind of partner submissive like Qiki. hehehe.

gingmaganda said...

sorry Qiki my dear, you did look fat in that aerobics suit.

(kick niel on the nose when he's sleeping!)

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