Nov 6, 2008

Change In The Black Barbie?

francie dollFrancie

When we say Barbie, a smiling Caucasian blonde blue eyed fashion doll, launched in 1959, comes to mind. Eight years after Barbie's debut, the first colored doll in the Barbie line made her first appearance. She was a variety of Francie, Barbie's mod cousin, with a dark complexion. The Caucasian Francie mold was used for the "Colored Francie" making her lack African-American features.

christie dollChristie

In 1968, Barbie found her first African-American bestfriend in the character of Christie. A different head mold was used but she had the same body mold as Barbie. In that way, they can share the same clothes.

black barbie
Barbie only became black in 1980 with the launching of Black Barbie (along with Hispanic Barbie). In 1988, new dolls of color, not named Barbie were launched by Mattel.

The African-American Mattel doll underwent a number of changes but questions are still raised about the dolls' real blackness. Despite these changes, when these dolls are placed side by side with the regular Barbie, one cannot ignore their sameness.



katcarneo said...

weird, but this post kinda makes me think of Obama....

Anonymous said...

Gusto ko yung Grace Jones mo na barbie. =)

- Mr. Scheez

Niel Camhalla said...

Kat, could it be that the timing of the post made you think that way?

Mr. Scheez, ndi sya si Grace Jone. Si Storm (X-men) yun. At hindi sya barbie. At hindi ko sya ipapahiram sa yo. Bleh! Hehehe. =)

Mr said...

Ah, hahaha. Si storm ba. Okay, mukha ngang si Storm. Sowwee kuya Niel. =)

- Mr. Scheez

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