Oct 30, 2008

The Running Man


HENRY - man in his late forty
BLAS - man in his mid-twenty, has a scar on his cheek.

(The moonlight shines on stage. HENRY is found on center stage about to light a cigarette. )



Don’t you just love Halloween? A holiday that gives people the license to dress up in idiotic costumes. Like we need a holiday for that! We always dress up in disguises. You try to look pretty when you actually feel rotten. You face-paint a smile when you actually want to strangle someone. Everyday is a Halloween party!

(BLAS in a futuristic soldier costume enters the stage running and bumps into HENRY.)

Hey! Watch where you’re going. You run like you’ve seen a ghost.

(BLAS, with a wide mouth, examines Henry’s face.)

Now you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

(BLAS keeps looking.)

What are you looking at? I’m not a ghost!


Henry? Is that really you?


My identity depends on who’s asking.

(BLAS removes his helmet.)


It’s me, Blas. Do you still remember me?


Blas? (Examines the scar on Blas’ cheek.) Is it really you?

(The two hugs each other in a manly fashion.)

How can I forget you? I can still remember how we met...

(There’s a disco light effect on the stage. BLAS and HENRY dance the running man on their way to the opposite sides of downstage. THEY will seat in front of a computer with their backs against each other. The light changes to orange [or sepia] and spotlights on the characters. THEY say their lines while typing.)


Acountutoot69, that’s a funny handle. . .


What can I do for you BingBang?


I just wanna make friends.


What kind of friendship do you have in mind?


Do you mind if I ask for your ASL? I’m 20. Male. San Juan.


Oh, that kind of friendship. I’m 35. Male. Makati. I guess I’m too old for your taste.


No. I like talking to guys your age. I could use some mature disposition. Do you have a webcam?


Yeah I do. Wanna chat with a webcam?



(BLAS and HENRY set-up their respective webcam.)

There you go. You look like you just got off from work.


Yes, I just arrived home. And what’s with the soldier boy costume?


Oh, this? I just got home from playing airsoft. I like playing war games. You can say I’m a frustrated soldier. I got discharged from military training. I squealed on a high ranking officer after he took advantage of me. I think the other officers didn’t like that. They might have seen me as a threat for their code of secrecy. They made the training harder for me and made up some story that I failed to adapt. I think it was the high ranking officer’s way of getting back at me.

(Chuckles.) They didn’t know I enjoyed it.


(Laughs out loud.) L-O-L. Aside from being taken advantage, what else do you enjoy?

Read the complete script here.

WARNING: This self-indulgent script could induce yawning.


tagabukid said...

ooops, strange ako nauna rito wala pang tao at naka act-1 na si blas n henry. hehe

parang kilala ko yang mga audience a.

running man? the moves...me sumasayaw pa ba ng running man ngayon aside from blas and henry? :D

Niel Camhalla said...

Britney Spears did an homage to it during her M+M's: Concerts From The HOB Tour 2007. Scarlett Johansson said she does a great running man in an interview with Seventeen magazine. First Lady Laura Bush did a bit of Running Man during a March 2007 event in São Paulo, Brazil.

Akala mo alam ko talaga lahat yan, 'no? Nabasa ko lang yun sa Wikipedia.


Mr. Scheez said...

Akala ko ito yung movie ni Arnold Schwarzenegger dati. Hehehe =)

Niel Camhalla said...

ay movie pala na ganun? =)

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