Oct 9, 2008

Head Swap

They are Menchu and Fei, two of my latest dolls. Menchu is a little dark-skinned with a permanent blush on her cheeks. She has a long wavy brown hair. Fei has a short red hair and freckles. They both don't have that toothy smiles common to Barbie's. I got them from my favorite ukay-ukay (thift shop) in Cubao for PhP100 each. They used to look like the picture below.

That same day, in another toy store, I saw the Lucy doll (below). I really like the props (including a headset, mic, and shades). I can definitely use it in my comic strip. But it came with another blond dumb looking doll. I was looking at the package for quite sometime when the saleslady told me that she'll give me a Php75 peso discount. Hating the face I decided to buy it to perform a head swap.

I dipped the head of each doll in warm water. This will make the beheading easier with less chances of breaking the hook that holds the head in place. Fei's head will go to Lucy's body. Menchu's head will go to Fei's body. I can use the unwanted head and body as an extra in my comic strip.

I gave the girls a bath after the head swap. I styled their hair with the help of a fabric softener. I didn't make the clothes for these dolls. I just mixed and match them from other cheap dolls I bought.

That was my first attempt at a head swap. Since it went fairly well, I guess I'll be swapping more heads later.


Mugen said...

Next level na ito. Hehe.

Mr. Scheez said...

Dr. Moreau, ikaw ba yan?

Extreme make-over itu! Kung pede lang sa tao noh? =)

katcarneo said...


padami na nang padami yang dolls mo. ayos.

Gibo. said...

these characters deserve a grand ball! how about a halloween party?

Niel Camhalla said...

@joms, like the pokemons, i have to evolve. :)

@mr. scheez, i'm not violating any genetics ethics, am i? hehe.

@kat, i sometimes think i'm an addict.

@gibo, I'm planning something like that. Wait till next week...

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