Oct 21, 2008

Driving Millicent (part 2)

(Read the first part of the story here.)

On the day of the ball, Blas arrived early to pick up Millicent for her appointment to the salon. "I changed my mind," she said as she boarded carrying a bag of groceries. "We will go to the hacienda instead."

"Why the sudden change of plans? The tux you bought me will be wasted."

"I don’t want to spend time with a bunch of juveniles. You can wear the tux on some other occasion."

"I’m not the type of person who goes to formal gatherings."

"You can wear it on your wedding."

Blas laughed and fell silent. The talk of weddings had always been an uncomfortable topic for him.

"What kind of wedding gown do you think would look good on me?" She didn’t want any dead air.

"Vera Wang."

"Ooooh, I looooove Vera Wang! Someday I’m gonna be like her,"

"I didn’t know you like girls like you’re mother," he said before giving a hearty laugh.

"Stupid!" She hit him in the head. Their laughter and stories filled the country road.

They parked the car near a tree with a good view of the field. Millicent prepared a spot for the picnic. They had the place all to themselves.

"Wine?" she offered him a glass. "You know, I’ve been wanting my boyfriend, ummm…ex I mean, to bring me to a picnic. I’m tired of fine dining, clubbing or the movies. Guys these days lack creativity." She smiled as she looked in his eyes. "Blas, thank you for accompanying me."

"I have to. It’s my job, remember?"

"You certainly know how to ruin a mood now, don’t you?"

Millicent moved closer to Blas. She closed her eyes. She felt the light breeze on her hair and his warm breath on her face. Even before she could taste the wine that just washed his lips, he pushed her away. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she screamed after she accidentally dropped her glass. "I could have cut myself!"

Blas avoided her gaze and remained silent. The stillness brought Millicent back to her senses. No man had ever rejected her before. Not until Blas. She asked herself how could she have gotten so low, so unwanted. She never felt so insignificant in her entire life. Humiliated, Millicent carefully picked up the shards to clear the area. She felt disgusted with herself.

"I’m gay," she heard him say. The confession came to Millicent like a splash of ice water. She felt a sickness inside of her. Without hesitation she picked up the stem of the broken glass and aimlessly struck Blas.

Millicent quickly moved away from him in disgust. Blood flowed from Blas’ lacerated cheek. Staring at each other, both were lost for word. His eyes begged for explanation while hers brimmed with bigotry. "You deserve that you faggot!" she screamed before giving him one last kick.

The picnic was over. Millicent’s friends were out on the ball with their respective dates. She didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to go shopping. Not again. She knew she could not stay. She ran and started the jeep leaving her driver behind. She didn’t tell him to wait. She just expected him to.

- the end -


Mr. Scheez said...

Lola, pede ka na talaga sa Pixar. Ang galing mo mag-weave ng istorya. Panalo! =)

Kaso grown-ups ang audience mo. Hehehe =)

Great job! Cheers =)

kat said...

oooh, ang sweet pa naman nila dun sa picnic shot.

medyo violent pala itong si millicent!

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