Oct 25, 2008

Attitude (part 1)

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"Everybody line up. The show is about to start."

I heard Jimmy James from the dressing room. The other models were scampering towards the door leading to the audience. I was still being fitted into this lovely apple green gown. A finale like me was not to be rushed.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful they made me. "Eat your heart out Tyra Banks," I mused while I look at my reflection. I wished the pearls I was wearing were really mine. I was like a princess, minus the tiara. Who needed a tiara with a hair like mine anyway? A princess without a tiara nor a prince. Who would have guessed?

I had a prince once. He was not an actual prince, of course. He just made me feel the way a princess might have felt when she was with her prince. Oh, what do I know about being a princess?! Ours was not a fairy tale. Far from it in fact. Not even a relationship. What we had was an arrangement.

I was team leader in a call center while Kenny was my agent. It was not romance, okay? So don’t start lecturing me on office romance. It was just a booty call. I made it clear to him. He said he was already seeing somebody. I remember laughing when he told me. Like that really mattered to me. Duh! He was just one of the guys I slept with after office. My workplace was a buffet of horny guys. And they couldn’t resist me.

I remembered our first night, how he cuddled me. Other men just slept or smoked after sex. Before we left the motel room, he asked me to wear his shades. "So nobody would recognize you," he reasoned. I tried not to laugh. I didn’t tell him that I had a loyalty discount card. Anyway, I wore his shades because I wasn’t used to seeing the sun.

He drove me home in the morning. Along the way, he told me more about Cynthia. I told him not to worry. She was not going to know.

"How about I treat you to a snack before I drop you off in exchange for the confidentiality?" he offered. He was unlike other guys. A nice guy that Kenny.

"You’re not turning this into a date, are you? Make a left at the next junction. I live at the end of that street."

Months passed and I found myself sleeping less with other guys. Maybe Kenny intimidated the other guys. It wasn’t a problem. I was looking forward to my tryst with Kenny more than with the others. Things were perfect. No complications.

I was planning a joke for April Fool’s Day. I was going to tell him that I was pregnant with his baby. I couldn’t help smiling while I recalled my crazy plan. I was waiting for him at home. He was two hours late.

"Where the fuck is he?!!"

I tried calling but he failed to answer. He later informed me that he couldn’t answer the phone because he was busy buying flowers. I didn’t know what I felt after I read his message. Suddenly I felt light. He was buying me flowers! No one ever bought me flowers before.

Minutes later, I heard his car pull over in front of the house. I ran out to meet him. He waved at me and smiled. I saw the bouquet of flowers beside him.

"Sorry Menchu. I can’t hook up with you tonight. I’m asking Cynthia to marry me. I’m so excited I forgot all about our meeting. How about I treat you to lunch one of these days?"


He immediately drove off even before I was able to process what just happened. I froze there as his taillights vanished from my sight.

"He’s just kidding. It’s April Fool’s. He’s gonna drive back any moment now..."

He didn’t.

(continued here...)


Mugen said...

Seems like you're inspired lately ah! Ay wag pansinin, baka maunsyame. Hahah.

Dollhead said...

Your stories make me sad......... they remind me of when I was a young, dumb and trusting barbie girl!

wanderingcommuter said...

seriously, akala ko magaling ka lang na comics creator. but hindi lang pala yun, magaling ka din writer!!!

asskissing... hehehe... joke!

huwag mo pansinin kuya joms,,, uyyy lovelife. kilig... hihihi!

Niel Camhalla said...

@joms, I don't know. When I acquire a new doll, its like they tell me their story and I have to share it. Hehehe.

@Dollhead, I sorry if that made you sad. I just want to balance the humor of my comic strip. :)

@ewik, as for magaling na writer...hmmm thank you but I know I have a long way to go. These are actually my firts try at writing fiction. I still have to improve. :)

kat said...

this is a very nice story, neil...

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